Kathrine LaFleur

empowering young readers one book at a time

My love of writing began in elementary school, when I was introduced to the craft of descriptive writing by my fourth grade teacher. I was a shy, quiet student, and writing was pretty much the only way I felt comfortable expressing myself. From then on, through college and beyond, I kept journals and wrote poetry, plus a lot of stories that never got finished. I took classes and workshops to build my writing skills, but had to break past a fear of failure and the belief that my words weren't important enough before completing my first book, The Elephant Girl, a fantasy for children ages ten years and older.

Since then I've learned to call myself an author, which is way more empowering than hiding my love for writing. I've written several more books for children ages four to eighteen while teaching elementary school in both private and public schools. I've also dabbled in creative non-fiction, and was proud to have my work featured in Creations Magazine and Online Chinese Astrology. 

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  • When I'm nervous about doing something I sing a song from an old TV version of Puss in Boots.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 is my favorite show.
  • I would looove to play drums in a rock band.
  • A Celtic rock band would be cool with me, too.
  • I learned Scottish country dancing in college.
  • Sometimes I talk to myself in different accents.
  • Mr. Bean is my favorite TV character.


  • the redwoods
  • my animals
  • other people's animals
  • sleeping in
  • chocolate with tea after breakfast
  • love stories
  • people who make me laugh

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