Kathrine LaFleur

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​​You know those lessons that keep showing up in your life? The biggest ones for me have involved learning to stand in my own power and speak my truth. Since childhood, throughout a career in education, and now as I step into the world of Animal Welfare, writing has been a steadfast friend, helping me to navigate those lessons, even when I pushed it to the side. Putting pen to paper and venturing into non-traditional publishing have had the fabulous and unexpected side-effects of bravery, confidence, and the realization that life is way better when you live it as yourself, rather than as someone you think others want you to be.​​

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  • When I'm nervous about doing something I sing a song from an old TV version of Puss in Boots.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 is my favorite show.
  • I would looove to play drums in a rock band.
  • A Celtic rock band would be cool with me, too.
  • I learned Scottish country dancing in college.
  • Sometimes I talk to myself in different accents.
  • Mr. Bean is my favorite TV character.


  • the redwoods
  • my animals
  • other people's animals
  • sleeping in
  • chocolate with tea after breakfast
  • love stories
  • people who make me laugh

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