You watch cute animal videos in your spare time.

Pets are family members in your book.

You have pet treats in your pockets or purse right now!

You hold full conversations with non-human critters.

Your passwords are inspired by your pets.

Cardonian Animal Speakers

Barrett. Grounded, Hard working, and devoted. 

Happiness is simple for Barrett: a solid job, connection to the animals he cares for, and the love of his wife and daughters. When the world he knows is ripped away, Barrett remains steadfast despite the devastation, seeing to the well-being of those around him and the safety of his daughters, Raven and Violet.

You Are An Animal Speaker

Animal Speakers intuitively sense the thoughts and feelings of animals. Animals are drawn to them, and seem to soak up every word they say. Animal Speakers can coax and calm our furry, feathery, scaly, and amphibious friends.

Kathrine LaFleur

engage... delight... transform

Blade. Soft Hearted, Privileged, and Misunderstood. 

Born into a noble family, Blade is torn between seeking approval from his parents and living his truth. Embracing his Gift can only disappoint his father, an avid hunter and enthusiastic meat eater. Following his heart means inciting the anger of his mother, who has her eye trained on the line of succession to the throne.