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Cardonia has a problem...

According to Cardonia's nearest neighbor, it's a corner of the world best forgotten. A place where the people possess unnatural abilities. A place where unpredictable powers course through the land itself.

Cardonia's history is proof of the volatile nature of its people, and the destructive tendencies that stem from the Gifts they hold so dear.

Hundreds of years ago all Telepaths were exiled to the Badlands, resulting in countless deaths. Blocked by an energetic shield, even the restless spirits of those so unjustly punished were unable to return to their homeland. 

As years passed and the memory of these events faded they were swept from the pages of Cardonia's official history. Only the Shielders who continued to maintain the Badlands shield knew what waited on the other side.

When this shield weakened, the Badlands spirits invaded the land they once called home, intent on vengeance. 

Fed by darkness, from nightfall until dawn they have the power to infect the minds of the living, driving their victims to insanity and vicious acts of violence.

Knowing that Cardonia's shielding energy is most abundant in the mountains at the kingdom's core, the Shielders join together to lead scores of innocent - and not so innocent - citizens into the four central basins nestled within these mountains, where they are protected from the spirits, but vulnerable to more ordinary evils.

Kathrine LaFleur

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If you lived in Cardonia, what would your Gift be?