Kathrine LaFleur

engage... delight... transform

Ryan. Responsible, Smart, and Strong. 

As long as Ryan can remember, it's always been him and his mom. Knowing she is wary of crowds, Ryan is anxious to protect his mom when their city is evacuated. Once they are safe in the Steeple Basin, Ryan learns of his Gift, as well as a secret his mother has kept from him, and a Queen's betrayal of her kingdom.

You are a Dream Traveler

Dream Travelers have a knack for leaving their bodies behind to soar wherever their sleeping hearts desire. Their minds are often open to limitless possibilities. They tend to prefer the clouds to solid ground.

Your dreams are often vivid and feel real.

Sometimes sleeping feels like an adventure. 

You’ve visited distant lands and new frontiers in your dreams.

You swear you spoke with a friend last night, but it was just a dream.

Places you’ve never been seem familiar.

RAVEN. Stubborn, impulsive, and brave. 

After four years of impatiently waiting for her Gift to emerge, sixteen-year-old Raven faces a bigger problem than wondering if she'll be an Empath like her sister or a Healer like her mom. With the Badlands spirits on their heels, Raven, her sister, and their father flee to the kingdom's protected core. When a vivid dream awakens her to the truth of her mother's fate and her own abilities, Raven begins a journey that will shape the future of Cardonia. 

Cardonian Dream Travelers