The Dream Traveler: The Cardonian Chronicles Book One

260 pgs

ages 12 and up

ISBN 978-0982909751

Storymine Press

Four hundred years ago everyone in Cardonia Gifted with Telepathy was exiled to the Badlands, a stretch of unforgiving, unlivable desert. Now the spirits of those who were so cruelly and unjustly punished have invaded Cardonia, and they are out for revenge. With no warning, Raven and her family are forced to leave home and join their fellow Cardonians on a journey to the kingdom's shielded core, four mountain ranges each encircling a protected space. For once she has bigger worries than the fact that she is the only one her age still lacking a Gift. When her Gift does emerge, it sets Raven on a course of action that can either save Cardonia or cause her to lose everything she holds dear.

Moonlight Hunting: The Cardonian Chronicles Book Two

282 pgs

ages 12 and up

ISBN 978-0982909782

Storymine Press

With one quarter of the Cardonian population in his grip, Fillian Barnabas has made his way into the Steeple Basin and the next phase of his plan to usurp all control of Cardonia. But Moonlight is close on his heels, determined to rescue the friends Barnabas has taken hostage, and to put an end to his dominion. Separated from the small group of dissenters who pulled her into this fight in the first place, Moonlight must face not only a lethally dangerous Persuasive, but her own inner demons if she is to survive and win freedom for herself and her kingdom.

The Stomp Away Queen

136 pgs

ages 6 - 9

ISBN 978-0982909720

Storymine Press

Lizzie Donovan is planning the perfect party for her eighth birthday. There's only one problem: she has to invite Melanie, the meanest girl in her class. With her best friend's help and only one week to go, Lizzie will do anything to save her party.

At first Sir Henry walked very quickly. Then his armor started to feel very, very heavy and he started to feel very, very hot.

Sir Henry's Birthday Quest

28 pgs

ages 3 - 6

ISBN 978-0982909713

Storymine Press

Inspired to embark on his first quest, young Sir Henry sets off to plan the perfect party for his puppy’s birthday. Fortified by a hearty breakfast and suited up in his questing armor, he begins his adventure. But every knight needs a trusty steed, and it turns out Sir Henry’s is no ordinary horse. Children ages 3 to 6 will take delight in the simple, yet magical elements of this book, from its engaging and well-textured illustrations, to its notable cast of characters. They will identify with Sir Henry’s determination and steadfast goodwill, making this a favorite to read many times over.

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Jenny slowly laced her arm through the spaces in the bush and, ignoring the pricks of thorns biting into her flesh, lifted the vines. The whimper turned to a growl and Jenny caught her breath. Staring back at her was a pointy nosed, wide eyed, snarling fox.

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"Moonlight Hunting is the second volume of author Kathrine LaFleur's outstanding 'Cardonian Chronicles' series and showcases her genuine flair for deftly crafted fantasy-adventure storytelling. An unfailingly entertaining read from cover to cover, Moonlight Hunting is very highly recommended for young adult reading lists and community library collections."

     - Midwest Book Review

A frozen finger traced a path along the back of her neck and Raven whirled about, slapping a hand onto her skin that still tingled with an icy chill. The cold suddenly placed itself on her chest, and began to blossom outward while words she didn’t know were whispered from nowhere into her ear.

The Elephant Girl

252 pgs

ages 10 and up

ISBN 978-0615346137

Storymine Press

For Kalla, born to human parents but raised by a family of elephants, growing up in the rainforest is a grand adventure - until she realizes that humans and elephants make better enemies than friends. Determined to prove she belongs with the herd, Kalla goes on a quest to find the Oracle Stone, a mythical object as ancient and sacred to the elephants as the stories they keep. Once again among a human tribe, however, she faces new challenges and doubts about where her true loyalties lie.

Kathrine LaFleur

engage... delight... transform

young adult

Even though it was tempting to bump her chair as I passed it I didn't. I didn't even kick the ball at her head when I played soccer at lunchtime, either, even though I really wanted to.  I have to admit, if I wasn't already in trouble, I might not have restrained myself so well. In fact, my day turned out to be just fine, until after dinner when the phone rang.

Fox Fur

160 pgs

ages 7 - 10

ISBN 978-0982909744

Storymine Press

Between trouble at school and trouble at home, Jenny Carter hasn't felt so alone since her mother died. Little does she know that the friendship she craves is right in her own back yard.

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