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Intuitive Energy Work for People & Animals

Kathrine LaFleur is an intuitive energy worker, offering services for both people and animals. Her gentle, empathic approach puts clients at ease and offers guidance along their own path of connection, healing, and transformation.


Animal Communication


Shamanic Practices

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Kathrine LaFleur animal communicator reiki shamanic healer

"Kathrine is such a gentle, gifted and intuitive shamanic practitioner! From the moment I first connected with her, I instantly felt safe, welcomed, and comfortable which I feel always allows sessions to become much deeper and more insightful. Kathrine is powerful, yet holds herself with so much softness and grace. She always seems to pick up on things going on in my life so seamlessly and has offered me amazing information towards healing and moving onwards in my life. I always look forward to my journeys with her and leave feeling much lighter and more inspired. I would give Kathrine my highest recommendation to anyone looking to heal in a safe and open space with a beautiful, wise, and talented facilitator! Thank you for everything Kathrine!" -Ali K

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