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animal communication and mediumship services Kathrine LaFleur


Animal Communication

Each animal communication session includes remotely tuning into and communicating with your animal companion - either living or in spirit - and a follow up phone call. Sessions can include Reiki as desired.


Each Reiki session includes remotely tuning into the client (human or animal) and channeling healing universal energy, and a follow up phone call. Specific attention can be given to the chakras, an area of the body, or a particular situation.

Shamanic Illumination

In the Illumination process, discordant energies are cleared from the chakra(s) relating to a specific issue. This type of healing takes a bit more participation from the recipient, who will be invited during the session to focus briefly on the issue (physical, mental, or emotional) they wish to bring healing to. Illuminations are available only as full sessions, and the entire session is held over Zoom.

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journeys can be used to gain more clarity or insight on a situation. Messages in Journeys are often delivered through images or feelings, and can be metaphorical or symbolic. I will share with you the Journey as I experienced it. While that sometimes might include direct spoken messages, the full interpretation of a Journey is for the individual asking the question to decipher. Shamanic Journeys are available only as mini sessions, and include a 20 minute Journey on one question with an emailed write-up of the Journey.


Full Session

  • $115 for 70 minutes (Illuimination or 50 minutes remote communication/Reiki; 20 minute follow up call)

Mini Session

  • $60 for 35 minutes (Journey or 25 minutes remote communication/Reiki; 10 minute follow up call.


For any questions or to book a session

These services are not meant to offer a diagnosis or prognosis, prescribe treatment, or take the place of medical care.

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