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animal communication and mediumship services Kathrine LaFleur


Animal Communication

Each animal communication session includes remotely tuning into and communicating with your animal companion - either living or in spirit - and a follow up phone or Zoom call. Sessions can include energy work as desired.

Full Session

  • $115 for 70 minutes (45 minutes connecting with your animal loved one; 25 minute follow up call)

Mini Session

  • $60 for 35 minutes (20 minutes connecting with your animal loved one; 15 minute follow up call)

People Services

Each remote psychic reading includes a written response to your question(s), including photos of any cards I pull for you, sent to your email inbox as PDF/jPEG. Please email

  • $88 for 2 questions

  • $44 for 1 question

For any questions or to book a session

These services are not meant to offer legal advice or take the place of legal counsel. Neither are they meant to offer a diagnosis or prognosis, prescribe treatment, or take the place of medical care.

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